Emergency Crews responding to Crater Lake. Report of 56 year old man missing 4 days found.

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Emergency Officials are responding to Crater Lake, on a report of a male who is very weak and has been lost for 4 days.

The person found has been the subject of a search for the last four days. Klamath Alerts believes the person found could be missing person Marty Holloway. Reports indicate the person found is very week and is 56 years old.

We have received several messages from people who say they are connected to the family of Marty confirming he has been found. However, no official source has confirmed this as of yet.

We will update as more info becomes available.


  • I wish this site would of posted my plea for help two days ago to help find him !

    • We replied to your email too. We contacted the Sheriff’s Office and were waiting for a reply for them before posting. He was found before we got a reply. We did not want to hinder the search and rescue operation. If a flood of people went out there it could have actually slowed the search process.

  • Katherine Rodela

    Hope Marty is doing well after such an ordeal. We were the ones who called 911 from the Pinnacle Trail, after other hikers heard him yelling for help and kept asking people if they had cell service. We just happened to have cell service. Sending our best to Marty, his family, and the amazing Ranger who climbed down and up the ravine to meet him!

  • My question for the Sheriff’s office and the media, would be, why wasn’t this news on Wednesday morning, Thursday morning, or any day? Why is it news now? I have wondered this since Thursday, when I found out.

    • We found out about it roughly 2 days ago. We immediately contacted the Sheriffs Office for official info. He was found before the response. We did not post because we did not want to interfere with the search effort and we had no official info. Hope that helps.

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