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Road Construction update week of Oct 8th, 2018. 

Klamath County will have work crews at the following locations. Please use caution when in these areas and watch for flaggers. If you are able to avoid these work zones, please use alternate routes for your safety and the safety of Klamath County employees.

OCE Crossing – Summers Lane (ODOT Project) Traffic Control/Lane Closure

October 8th – October 19th
Contractor Installing Ramps, Median Island, Signs and Striping

Railroad Track Crossing Repair – Crescent Cut Off

October 8th

Crack Seal Crew

Crescent Cut Off

October 8th – October 12th

Paint Crew

October 8th – October 12th Stencil and Striping

(+/-100 miles of miscellaneous County Roads)

Replace Culvert – South Poe Valley Rd at Reiling Rd

October 11th – October 12th

Bridge Work – Pine Cone Dr – Chiloquin

October 8th – October 12th

Brush Crew

October 8th – October 12th
Trimming for sight distance and in front of signs (miscellaneous County Roads)

General Info:

In general, flagging stations will be set up at the end of the work zone and delays will be 0 to 20 minutes for the motoring public. Other minor work is occurring through the County but we are only listing the major items in this announcement.

There may be adjustments of work schedules due to weather or other items outside of the County’s control (breakdown of equipment, material/resource availability, etc.) Please do not contact the County if you do not see work occurring, it could be finished already or will be rescheduled.

Please drive slowly through Paint Stripe areas. This will reduce damage to the Painted areas. It will also reduce the probability of paint getting on your vehicle. Klamath County Public Works and the Board of County Commissioners appreciate the motoring publics’ patience during the repair season for our local roads and bridges. If you have any questions regarding work, please contact the Public Works Department at (541) 883-4696.

From ODOT:

Here are the weekly construction updates for ODOT in Klamath County

Klamath County

OR 140: Buck Creek Bridge – Marcum & Sons Construction will be completing shoulder and clean up work. No delays are expected.

OR 140: Brown Creek (Beatty) – La Duke Construction will be completing paving, earthwork and grading. A temporary signal will be installed this week. Expect delays up to 15 minutes.

OR 140: Greensprings Interchange to Klamath Falls/Malin Hwy – Rocky Mountain Construction will be completing sidewalk and shoulder work during the day. Minor delays are expected.

US 97: Algoma Road to Miller Island Road – Rocky Mountain Construction will be on site completing survey work. No delays expected.

US 97: Spring Creek Hill to Modoc Point – Rocky Mountain Construction will be on site completing delineator, sign, striping and fog seal work at night from 7pm to 7am Sunday night through Friday morning. Delays up to 20 minutes are expected.