This press release is a followup to our earlier post about this incident at Rosary Lake northeast of Highway 58. The victim was camping as part of a Boy Scout outing. The group was camping there from the Corvallis, Oregon troop.

On Saturday October 13th, 2018, the Klamath County Sheriff’s Office was informed that two teenaged boys had fallen in the remote area of Middle Rosary Lake in Northern Klamath County while on a camping trip with a Boy Scout Troop from Corvallis, Oregon. Initial reports indicted two boys had been seriously injured in a fall from a peak near the lake and rescue efforts were underway.

First Responders were activated and all available resources were dispatched. An Army National Guard helicopter medical team arrived and pronounced one of the young men (16 years of age) deceased and rescued the other injured teen. The remaining scouts hiked out from the lake and Klamath County Search and Rescue members hiked into the peak near the lake and are standing by overnight.

Due to the remoteness of the area, further investigation and recovery efforts will be conducted at first light on Sunday morning the 14th. 

The name of the fall victims are not being released at this time.

When additional information is received it will be the subject of an additional release.