Winter Storm Update: 12-24-18 at 11:48am 

Hopes of a big snow storm in town are starting to diminish. The low pressure system that was expected to deliver a snow storm for Klamath Falls has arrived about 3 hours earlier than expected. Because it is arriving during higher daytime temperatures, we will likely see much less snow than originally thought (if any) locally.

Additionally, so far it appears snow levels have also stayed higher than originally thought. A check of area road cams shows a slushy mess right now at the higher elevations.

One thing to watch out for later tonight is black ice. The low temperature is currently expected to get around 26F tonight in the local area. The roadways are wet and slushy, and it’s possible we may see areas of rain and snow showers through this evening. Roads could become very slick quickly later tonight. When conditions like this exist, it’s possible you could be driving on wet roads and suddenly encounter black ice with no warning. Expect the unexpected later tonight as the sun goes down and stay on the safe side by driving slower and allowing more following distance.

We hope you all have a great Christmas Eve.