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Klamath Alerts has been tracking a semi truck accident on Sprague River Road east of Chiloquin. The accident was originally reported to be near milepost 4 or 5 but we believe it is a little further east than that.

Here is what we know about the incident: 

Several hours ago, a law enforcement vehicle with a prisoner on board drove up on the scene of a single vehicle semi truck accident. The driver who did not appear to speak English was injured and was reported to be the only occupant of the truck.

At least part of the tractor portion of the semi truck was in the river and the trailer was resting on the bank.

The truck is reported to be hauling a load of apples.

The tractor part of the truck is now leaking diesel fuel from the fuel tank(s) on the truck. So far about 20 gallons of diesel fuel has leaked near the river and the fuel was reported to be flowing toward the water. Efforts are now underway to contain the spill. We do not know how much of the fuel has reached the water at this point. It was recently reported that potentially 60 more gallons of fuel could be spilled if not contained.

A Klamath County Fire District 1 Hazmat team has been recently dispatched to the scene and an “all call” has been initiated for firemen to man stations locally.

Klamath Alerts will continue to monitor the incident and report more as we can.

Chiloquin Fire, Klamath County Sheriff, and other responders have been on scene for some time. They are working very hard to contain the fuel spill and prevent it from entering the river. A tow truck was also recently sent to the scene.

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Update: 1:47pm – 40 gallons of fuel now reported spilled and reported to be near the water but not in it. Crews on scene awaiting a boom truck to help contain the spill.