Unexpected Snow Storm Arrives With First Day Of Daylight Saving Time 

Klamath Falls residents woke up to an unexpected snow storm Sunday morning. According to reports from members and discussion on our Breaking News Service  Several inches of snow has fallen in our local area so far.

Keno Area: 2-3 inches (at time of post)

Klamath Falls varies between 2-3 inches and some reports of 4-6 inches (at time of post)


Above: A recent radar image showing snow showers in our area. According to the NWS Medford snow showers should continue for the next couple of hours and possibly into early afternoon.

The NWS Medford says that daytime heating should slow or stop accumulation on the area roadways as showers wind down this afternoon. Up to 1-3 inches of additional snow are possible for Klamath Falls today.

The snow showers over us now were expected to remain over northern California in the original forecast. They have been pushed up farther north than expected.

Right now area roadways are reported very slick and we are receiving a few reports of vehicle slide offs on area highways.

Feel free to share photos and reports of the snow you are getting in your area.