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On Friday (March 8, 2019) at 4:00pm, Klamath County 911 Dispatch received a call reporting an 80 year old man, Darrell Blackwell, was stuck in the snow in his ATV near Saddle Mountain Pit Rd in the Chiloquin area. Deputies responded and due to snow depth requested Search and Rescue (SAR) assist in locating and rescuing the man.

Klamath County SAR team members responded to the area. Using a recently purchased side by side ATV equipped with tracks, they located the subject on USFS Rd 5850. The SAR team was able to get the man’s ATV unstuck and drove it out to his care taker who took possession of it. SAR continued out with Mr. Blackwell in the rescue vehicle. 

The timely acquisition of this new piece of rescue equipment aided in the above rescue. The equipment was needed 26 hours after it was picked up by SAR.



Additional Info: The Klamath County Sheriff’s Office purchased the Can Am side x side on March 7, 2019 during an emergency order announced by Governor Brown. Several recent rescues were conducted in northern Klamath County due to heavy snow which stranded people in their homes. During these rescue missions, older equipment broke down and repairs were not able to be made immediately.

The money used to purchase the side x side was available due to a contract with the Oregon State Snowmobile Association. These funds originated with the Oregon Department of Transportation to the State Snowmobile Association for grooming trails and also provides for law enforcement patrol and safety education for ten (10) Sheriff’s Offices across the state.

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Photo submitted by Klamath County Sheriff Search and Rescue