Michael Donnel Wilson (DOB 8/8/1986) (photo below) was arrested in the 800 block of Mt. Whitney Street, in the early morning hours of Tuesday, March 12th, 2019 after Klamath Falls Police Officers responded to a call of a domestic violence assault.  

The victim was found to be severely beaten and displayed severe facial injuries.She was also strangled during the assult and was transported by ambulance to Sky Lakes Medical Center.

Wilson’s victim, his 43 year-old girlfriend and co-habitant, made the call to 911 reporting she was assaulted.  Responding officers established probable cause to arrest Wilson, who physically barricaded himself inside the residence.  

Klamath Falls Police Department Special Weapons and Tacticts operators were called to the residence per etablished procedure for this type of incident. 

Once deployed, SWAT operators, with the assistance of Klamath Falls Police Department patrol personnel and Oregon State Police Troopers, were able to apprehend Mr. Wilson without incident.  Wilson was lodged at the Klamath County Jail on charges of Assault II and Strangluation.  

The Klamath Falls Police department extends its gratitude to the neighboring residents in the immediate area of the operation for their cooperation and police assistance.  

In additon, we urge anyone who is a victim, or knows a victim of domestic violence to please report the matter to their local police dpartment, or seek other assistance to remove themselves or protect themselves from future abuse.