BREAKING NEWS:  Crater Lake National Park, OR

Boating To Be Opened Up For Everyone At Crater Lake 

The National Park Service is moving forward with a project to improve recreational opportunities at Crater Lake, the deepest and one of the purest lakes in the United States. Starting this summer, the first phase of the project will be construction of a boat ramp from the 7,000 foot rim to the lake, approximately 1,000 feet below.

The boat ramp will allow visitors and boating enthusiasts to bring their own vessels to the lake. “I’m really excited to bring my 250 foot yacht to Crater Lake” said one local boat owner. Another said, “I want to bring my houseboat and stay all year round! The winters might be a challenge though with an average of 44 feet of snow every year.” Currently, the only access to the lake is a one mile hiking trail. There are no roads to the lake surface. Due to the steepness of the caldera, a winch will be required to lower boats to the lake below. A park spokesperson said, “We would really encourage visitors wanting to bring their boat to the lake to have a good vessel insurance policy. The caldera is nearly vertical in some places and there is frequent rockfall.”

Phase 2 of the project, slated to begin in 2020, will be the installation of diving boards on the top of the park’s smaller island, Phantom Ship.

The final phase, Phase 3, will be construction of a marina resort and ski lifts on top of Wizard Island, the bigger, volcanic cinder cone island. The ski resort and marina are scheduled to begin operating in 2035.



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Via April Fools Press Release From Crater Lake National Park