Highway 97 Now Open After Armed Standoff In Gilchrist Area

At about 11:30am this morning an OSP fish and game trooper called for emergency backup during a traffic stop on Highway 97 in the Gilchrist area of northern Klamath County.

According to initial information obtained by Klamath Alerts the suspect who was stopped by the trooper had an arrest warrant out of California for dangerous weapon possession charges. Initial reports state that the suspect pointed a 30-30 rifle at the trooper before barricading himself inside a residence on Pond Drive in Gilchrist that was near the original traffic stop.

Sheriff Deputies from Klamath County along with many law enforcement personnel from the Bend region responded. Highway 97 was closed for about an hour and a half as a precaution because of the proximity of the standoff to the highway.

An armored vehicle and UAV Drone were used by police during the standoff. The suspect was taken into custody at around 1:12pm. Highway 97 is now reported open in both directions.

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More information will be published if it becomes available from law enforcement.

Screen Shot 2019-04-06 at 10.54.01 AM.png

Above: Approximate location of standoff this morning in Gilchrist area