Salutatorian Jasmine Lee Geaney and Valedictorian Kayla Marie Nystrom were the first seniors to graduate from New Horizon School. They arrived in style via helicopter at a graduation ceremony this past weekend.


Jason Nash of Rocky Mountain Construction took the graduating seniors up in the chopper and flew them over OIT and the Klamath Basin and delivered them to the ceremony.

The first ever graduating seniors at New Horizon Christian School arrived in a helicopter that landed at the school campus Saturday delivering the two seniors. They enjoyed a helicopter tour around town and over OIT before landing at the ceremony.

Salutatorian Jasmine Lee Geaney has plans to enlist in the Air Force. Valedictorian, Kayla Marie Nystrom is enrolled at Oregon Tech. Madeline Roche from Oregon Tech presented two scholarships to Kayla during the ceremony. Dusty DeWitt from the Air Force presented an Air Force Sash to Jasmine Geaney.

According to Daniel Tucker of New Horizon Christian School, The seniors were presented with a handmade personalized quilt and pillow made by Cheryl Howard. Additionally, two butterfly statues and a boulder will forever rest on the campus in their honor. The school is currently accepting new students during open enrollment. Visit the school website for more information.

Klamath Alerts would like to wish these seniors and all other local graduating seniors congratulations and all the best.

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A Facebook video of the helicopter arrival is available here