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Unrestrained Pit Bull Is Shot By OSP Trooper After Attempted Attack. Dog Survives Incident.

Last night around 9:00pm an Oregon State Police Trooper contacted a female who had a Pit Bull that was not restrained in the area of 6th Street and Altamont.

According to reports, the unrestrained Pit Bull began to attack the trooper who shot the dog. It then fled the scene and ran toward Papa Murphys and then to the area of the caboose located along the OC&E bike path near that location.

It is currently not known if the owner took the dog to a vet for medical care or the current status of the dog’s condition.

Statement By OSP Regarding This Incident: 

A subject was observed in the Klamath Falls Exchange park and a consensual contact was attempted. Upon initial approach, an aggressive unsecured black Pit Bull attempted to attack and was shot. The dog fled the scene and an extensive area search by multiple agencies failed to locate it. Due to the observed amount of blood loss, the dog was suspected to have died. Several hours later, the dog was located alive and found to have a single through and through gunshot wound to the muzzle/jaw area. The owner was summoned to the scene and she stated the dog was not in need of emergent veterinary care.

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