After attempting to elude Sheriff’s deputies Monday evening, June 17, Ivan Chi of San Diego, California was arrested.

Chi was driving a vehicle near the intersection of Crater Lake Parkway and South Sixth Street at about 6p.m. when Sheriff’s deputies witnessed him making a turn and lane changes without using his signals.

Deputies attempted to stop the vehicle, but Chi failed to yield and led deputies south on Summers Lane, and eventually onto Laverne Avenue. Deputies maintained a moderate pace in order to ensure the safety of the public as they pursued Chi. Once on Laverne Avenue Chi jumped out of his moving vehicle and took off on foot through several residences’ backyards.

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His vehicle continued on and struck and damaged a fence, narrowly missing a bystander. Chi entered the home of a resident and attempted to hide, but the homeowner ran outside and alerted deputies to the presence of Chi, who was unknown to the homeowner. Deputies entered the home and detained Chi. Chi was booked in the Klamath County Jail.

Arrestee: Chi, Ivan S. DOB: 7-27-1974

Charges: Burglary I, Unlawful Entry Felony Attempt to Elude Possession of Methamphetamine Recklessly Endangering Another Person Reckless Driving Probation Violation


Chi booking photo