Sage Community School Chiloquin

A formal statement has been issued regarding the Sage Community School closure that we reported about earlier today.

Chiloquin, OR – Sage Community School’s Board of Directors held a public meeting on Friday evening January 31, 2020 to discuss results of recent mold testing and to find a path forward. Recently a staff member has become seriously ill and medical tests showed dangerous levels of mold toxins. Once the employee received these results she immediately let the board know and it was decided to temporarily close so that the buildings could be tested.

The results of those tests were negative and there was no danger to students and staff. However, the employee would need to be off work for many weeks. On Friday evening the Board worked with staff in an attempt to keep the school open with reduced staff, in the end though there was not a path forward that would allow Sage to maintain the teacher/student ratios to allow staff to educate Sage students. With that the Board of Directors had little choice but to close the school permanently.

For over twelve years Sage Community School has operated a public charter school in the Chiloquin area for grades K-8 and has had a tremendous positive impact on those students who have attended. Unfortunately, in recent years the rising cost of PERS and other operating expenses, along with no legislative relief to align charter school funding with other public school funding, has left Sage with no ability to withstand any disruption.

We wish to thank the many members of staff that have served at Sage through the years for the dedication and sacrifice they have made to improve education for students in the Chiloquin area. We also want to thank the parents and students who have supported Sage through many years.

Note: The above information is based from a press release. We do not currently have any additional information about the closure. If more information is released we will pass it on.