Sheriff’s Office & Allied Agencies Recover Dunsmuir Drug Lab

On Monday afternoon, February 3 Siskiyou County Sheriff’s Office (SCSO) deputies responded to a call of a possible drug lab at a residence in the 4100 block of Walnut Street in Dunsmuir. A detective with SCSO, formerly assigned to the Siskiyou Unified Major Investigation Team (SUMIT) responded and discovered components of a BHO or concentrated cannabis lab at the residence.

Also recovered were components of another drug lab, possibly for methamphetamine or an unidentified designer-type drug. Marijuana “shake,” or cannabis plant remnants, commonly used to synthesize the product by using solvents such as butane, which was also present at the scene, was also recovered.

Due to the volatile nature of the drug lab components and the dangerous chemicals involved, assistance and support was requested from the Butte County Sheriff’s Office (BCSO). Sheriff Kory Honea, BCSO, sent members of the Butte Interagency Narcotic Task Force (BINTF). Their members are trained to safely recover and dismantle illegal drug labs. The additional chemicals and lab components were seized as evidence and will be analyzed by the California Department of Justice’s Bureau of Forensic Science. The home was recent vacated by a tenant. The original report was relayed by a city official and the property owner.

According to Sheriff Jon Lopey, “This was a great team effort on the part of SCSO, BCSO, and BINTF agents. We also received invaluable support from the property owner and an alert Dunsmuir city official. This incident illustrates the fact an illegal drug lab operation can be conducted in any neighborhood in virtually any type of residential dwelling. We are grateful a citizen and city official promptly contacted us to report the suspicious components, chemicals, and other items at the scene.

We are also fortunate that Butte County drug enforcement agents were willing to assist us with this recovery effort and the on-going investigation. This incident ended safety because two good citizens saw something suspicious and reported their concerns to law enforcement. This case is still under investigation and anyone with information about this case is urged to contact the SCSO’s 24-hour Dispatch Center at (530) 841-2900.”