In this special report we address the current Coronavirus situation and also have a report from an American who is currently living in the lockdown in Italy. Since President Trump has called today a National Day of Prayer we are including a video stream of today’s service from Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship by Pastor Tony Evans. The video addresses the current situation and we thought some of you might find it helpful.

Situation Update:

Coronavirus is a new virus that people do not have a built up immunity to. There is currently no vaccine or treatment for the virus. That is why you are seeing the urgent response to the outbreak. The main threat is that the virus has the ability to make a large amount of people sick at once and then overwhelm the medical system, specifically ICU (Intensive Care Units). That is why you are seeing the big push now to ban public gatherings and close schools.

The majority of the efforts right now from the Federal and State government are to “flatten the curve”. In other words to slow the outbreak enough that the healthcare system is not overwhelmed. By the way, as of posting time there is still only one reported case in Klamath County.


Estimated mortality rates compared to flu (based on worldwide data):

Seasonal Flu – 0.1% of infected

Coronavirus – 3.72% of infected

Keep in mind that many people (about 93% right now) who are infected will only have mild symptoms and about 92% make a full recovery. You can look at this data for yourself here at Worldmeters.

We have much more information available here

Why you don’t need to hoard groceries!

Right now based on many reports, people are buying more product at local stores than they need. The transportation infrastructure and supply chain are operating normally and there is no current threat to it. In fact, we have just been assured by major retailers that they are committed to keeping stores open and supplied. When people buy more than they need, they take away product from someone else. The only shortages right now are artificial due to panic and over purchasing. We need to stand together as a community and only buy what we need so others can have the same. 

The situation in Italy right now is total lockdown of the entire country to stop the spread of the virus. Klamath Alerts has been in contact with Jennifer KT who is an American currently living in Italy. She is allowing us to share her experience with our readers.

Above is the post Jennifer KT made about her experience with the lockdown. She told us moments before publishing this story that there are no food shortages and people are allowed to go out and shop for groceries as needed. The conditions there are far worse than in the USA at the present time. Jennifer tells us that there are no toilet paper shortages and people there are not doing any hoarding, that she is aware of. Note: You will have to click See More to read the entire post

Here in the USA, stores are staying open and shelves are being replenished. Paper mills are still making toilet paper and paper products. If everyone were to buy what they need for a week at a time the artificial shortages on our store shelves would vanish quickly.

Special thanks to Jennifer KT and our admin Alicia for help with this article. We think you may find this following video helpful as a good overview of our current situation.

Dr. Tony Evans addresses the current virus situation:

Note: You can fast forward to 13:40 for the start of the talk