Changes to KFPD Procedures During Covid-19 Outbreak

We at KFPD continue to be dedicated to providing exceptional service to our community. That being said, we must make some procedural changes to protect our staff so we may continue to serve into the immediate future.

1) Our Records Unit is closed to public face to face interactions. We will continue to meet your non-emergency needs over the phone. Please call us at (541) 883-5336 for all your non-emergency needs and we will get you the resources and information you need. If you do drive to the police department, we have a lobby telephone that will connect you with us.

2) Police officers will continue to respond to all person crimes and crimes in progress. If you do not have an emergency, anticipate a police officer will call you and best determine how to assist you.

3) We will not be responding to minor vehicle collisions that do not involve physical injury or lane blockage. Please immediately call your insurance company and exchange information with the other driver(s).

Be assured, KFPD is not over reacting to the Covid-19 outbreak nor are we panicking. We are taking the situation seriously and making changes so we can continue to serve and protect you all.