Green Blade Bakery of Klamath Falls is now making a discounted bread called the “Hope Loaf”. According to Green Blade, 18 of these loaves were made today to help local residents who are now out of work because of the Coronavirus isolation orders. The 18 discounted loaves were offered to anyone who recently lost their job in the restaurant or hospitality sector.

According to Green Blade Bakery a woman from California has called to pay for 50 additional loaves and two others in line today also paid for 50 more each. Green Blade is now offering these loaves for free to those in need.

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The Klamath Falls community is pulling together and we would like to report more on stories like this.

If you know of a local business (or operate one) and are making efforts to help others in the community, please submit a news report with information so we can share it with our readers.