Dear Community Members,

We, the Klamath County Grand Jury, having reviewed the officer involved shooting which occurred on April 10, 2020, have determined that the use of deadly force by Trooper Henrick and Deputy Gray was justified. We reached our conclusion after a careful examination of all the evidence; including witness statements, E-911 calls, footage from officers’ body and dash-mounted cameras, the investigation conducted by the Klamath Falls Police Department and the testimony of officers from the Oregon State Police and Klamath County Sheriff’s Office. Our deliberation also included a review of the laws pertaining to the defensive use of force.

Law enforcement continually places their lives at risk when responding to volatile domestic disturbances. Unfortunately, there are times when a suspect’s behaviors and interactions with law enforcement force officers to use deadly force for their own safety and/or the safety of others. At such times, an officer is justified in using deadly force. Trooper Justin Henrick and Deputy Maria Gray were confronted with such a scenario.

Reports indicated that the suspect, Mr. Matthew Brennon Goff, had just committed an assault, was intoxicated, had a young child with him, and was in possession of a firearm. Goff fled the scene with his 6-yr old child. While attempting to investigate the initial assault and reports that Goff was driving while intoxicated, pursuing officers observed aggressive, threatening and irrational behaviors. Goff continued to flee, driving recklessly and at extremely high speeds. In an effort to end the pursuit, Trooper Henrick attempt to incapacitate Goff’s vehicle.

When Goff’s vehicle came to stop near the northern intersection of Highway 97 and Wocus Road Goff immediately began firing at the pursuing officers. Goff was armed with an AR-15 style weapon and was in possession of a total of 10 fully-loaded magazines and more than 250 rounds of ammunition. Goff fired at least 36 rounds into three vehicles occupied by Troopers Henrick, Gordon and Torres and Deputies Gray and Petersen. Trooper Gordon was struck. Deputy Gray and Trooper Henrick returned fire. Goff was struck and officers attempted to administer life-saving measures. Goff was declared dead at the scene.

We regret the circumstances that forced Trooper Henrick and Deputy Gray into a decision law enforcement never wants to have to make and are thankful that all officers involved are safe.

Respectfully and In Service,

Foreperson, Klamath County Grand Jury