Healthy Klamath, in partnership with the Downtown Association, was awarded $10,000 to implement the Cigarette Litter Prevention Program. This is the nation’s largest program aimed at reducing cigarette litter, and has over 1,800 communities across the U.S. implementing the program with proven success. As a part of the grant, Healthy Klamath has established a task force that is taking the lead on implementing the program.

This task force will implement 4 strategies (required by the grant) to reduce litter in our downtown: (1) They will Review Tobacco Laws and Ordinances to support enforcement of current litter laws in place. (2) They will Place Ash Receptacles downtown at key transition points or areas with a high amount of litter. They are planning to purchase 12 receptacles, and install 9 in the downtown corridor. (the remaining 3 can be installed at a later date if a certain business wants one, etc.) (3) They will Raise Public Awareness about Tobacco Litter. $8,500 of the grant funding will go to a public awareness campaign to encourage community members not to litter and to use the new receptacles placed downtown. (4) The grant also requires the distribution of portable auto and pocket ashtrays, so they will give the auto and pocket ashtrays to the local smoke-shops downtown to distribute to their customers.