The pavement rehabilitation of the parallel taxiway to the primary runway at Crater Lake-Klamath Regional Airport, Taxiway G, was substantially completed under budget on June 26 after four months of construction. The taxiway is one of the most used sections of pavement on the airfield. The work required diligent planning and coordination with airport users, including Kingsley Field to minimize disruptions to air traffic during construction.

Work accomplished includes 8.6 lane-miles of new asphalt pavement, shoulders from recycled asphalt millings, 2.6 miles of underdrain pipe installed, 122 new energy efficient LED taxiway edge lights, 5.7 miles of new electrical cable, 17 new LED guidance signs, and new pavement markings along Taxiway G. The supplemental wind cone for Runway 32 was relocated outside the Runway 14-32 Object Free Area. A 560-foot portion of asphalt on Taxiway D at the entrance to Runway 7-25 was rehabilitated to alleviate raveling pavement concerns and is re-commissioned for regular taxi operations.

Rocky Mountain Construction was the prime contractor for the project and Mead & Hunt was the Engineer of Record. Airport Administration thanks everyone involved for completing this project successfully!