The Klamath County Chamber of Commerce would like to congratulate the Klamath County School District and its board for its efforts to reopen schools. It was announced Monday, November 2, 2020 that school would resume in person for students in the County School District November 16th. The Chamber board appreciates the work and advocacy the district and many parents have put in to making this happen.

“Education is something we watch closely here at the Chamber. These students are our future workforce, our future business owners…they’re our future,” said Chamber President Rich Schuster. Schuster said this has been a topic on the mind of Chamber members who talk to the Chamber both as concerned parents but also as employers. Schuster wanted to acknowledge all the parents who also advocated for their school aged children. “Getting involved and staying active is important. We appreciate everyone who took the time to write letters, send emails, and make phone calls.”

“The school shutdowns obviously affect our children who are our future workforce and entrepreneurs but it also affects our current workplaces as parents try to work and educate their kids at home,” said Joe Spendolini, the Chamber’s Government Affairs Committee chair. Spendolini pointed out how hard it can be to find daycare in Klamath during a regular year but spoke about how these COVID restrictions have made that even more difficult. “The hard-working people in our community are struggling to balance their businesses, jobs, their careers, their child’s education, and appropriate childcare,” said Spendolini, “Opening up schools helps this situation immensely.”

The Chamber’s Executive Director, Heather Tramp said, “I have been in constant contact with our members throughout this pandemic, and they have made it very clear to me that we will not be able to fully reopen our economy until and unless we fully reopen all of our schools”. She added, “I want to congratulate the Klamath County School District for the leadership they are showing in making this decision. Hopefully, we will see ALL our schools reopen during this same timeframe.”