Sky Lakes Medical Center Identifies and Addresses Data Security Incident

KLAMATH FALLS, OREGONDecember 24, 2020 – Sky Lakes Medical Center (“Sky Lakes”)recently announced that it identified and addressed a data security incident involving a limited amount of patient information.

On October 27, 2020, Sky Lakes discovered that several computer systems were encrypted with ransomware.  Sky Lakes immediately began to investigate, a cybersecurity firm was engaged, and steps were taken to address the incident and restore operations. Based on its investigation, Sky Lakes found no evidence that any patient information has been accessed or acquired by an unauthorized person and, to date, all Sky Lake facilities are operational.  However, during the course of our investigation, we have learned that a limited number of historical medical images belonging to Sky Lakes patients cannot yet be restored.

Sky Lakes has no indication that any information was actually viewed by the unauthorized person, or that it has been misused. Moreover, given the age of the images, Sky Lakes anticipates no negative impact on patient care.  Nevertheless, out of an abundance of caution, Sky Lakes wanted to notify its patients of this incident and share that a limited amount of patient information may be unrecoverable as a result of this incident.  At this time, Sky Lakes does not recommend any action on the part of our patients.  Individual patients will be notified if it is determined that any of their images are permanently unrecoverable. To help prevent a similar incident from occurring in the future, Sky Lakes has implemented additional safeguards and technical security measures to further enhance the security of our network.

Sky Lakes sincerely regrets that the incident occurred and apologizes for any inconvenience. Additional information is available:

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