Train Mountain To Offer Passenger Service From Chiloquin To Portland

The wait is finally over for reliable passenger service for Klamath Falls residents wanting to get to Portland. Passengers will soon be able to ride in comfort via a brand new express Train Mountain service that will transport passengers from Chiloquin to Portland on a new model rail system.

A train mountain executive recently sat down with Klamath Alerts to give us an exclusive report. The spokesperson tells us, this plan “hatched” during a train meet about two years ago. “We were tired of waiting on the Klamath Falls airport to land airline service.” We put our minds together and said “we can do this” let’s offer something new and unique for the community.

Above: This and other engines will soon be pulling passengers to Portland

Construction started shortly after and we have been busy laying model railroad track on public right of way lands between Chiloquin and Portland. Construction is expected to be completed this spring and passenger service should begin by this summer.

Passengers will need to drive to Chiloquin and will be able to park for free at the railroad museum. Special baggage cars have been constructed allowing 2 suitcases per passenger free of charge.

Above: Miles of new track have been installed to Portland

“Passenger safety is a big part of our plan” said a Train Mountain spokesperson. Our conductors will be armed with sniper rifles in case a bear or cougar should try to “snatch a snack” from a passing train along the route to Portland.

Strategic bathroom stops along the way will allow passengers the chance to stretch and take a break. The new service will allow an unprecedented experience and view for passengers. In the winter time, “we will attach a plastic dome over the seats and provide hand warmers for passengers to escape the elements.”

Before departure, passengers can also browse the gift shop and order food at the concession stand near the train station. Due to fire danger and second hand smoke risks, smoking will not be permitted. Conductors will also provide a safety briefing before each departure reminding passengers to keep their arms, hands, and legs inside the train at all times and not to lean to the side of the train too much.

The trip to and from Portland will take about 25 hours each way. On average, the trip on Train Mountain Railroad will be about 12 hours faster than the current Amtrak service to Portland. “Ticket prices have not yet been calculated, but we anticipate having some great introductory fares to launch the new service.”

During the month of December, a special “Polar Express” hot chocolate car will be added and passengers will receive a complimentary thermos full of delicious hot chocolate.

Above: Passengers will soon enjoy express service to Portland

“High demand is also anticipated, so buy your tickets early”! Plans for additional routes are already being considered.

Train Mountain will make further announcements as it gets closer to summer…stay tuned and “All Aboard”.


April Fools!!

We hope our April Fools post this year gave you a laugh. All joking aside…This summer visit Train Mountain for a ride around the area in Chiloquin. The crew up there will make sure you have a great time and it’s good family fun.