Keno Fire will be conducting a training burn in Keno on Saturday April 1st (weather permitting). We will be burning down the old house next to the Keno store. Due to this, we will be using the side of the store’s parking lot, next to the fence, and the section of River street past the store will be closed, in order to run hose lines from the fire hydrant.

Spectators are welcome, however we need to keep the area of operation cleared, as there will be firefighters and equipment moving around. We also ask that people don’t plug up the store parking lot, so this doesn’t interfere with store business.

We have invited Chiloquin and KCFD #4 fire departments to this, for training and assistance.

There are 3 buildings which we will burn down, but only one, possibly two will be burned on Saturday. The remaining will be done at a later time to be determined.

We are expecting snow, and possibly changing to rain later, which is acceptable, but if the wind gets to strong, we will postpone the fire until a safer time.

Area residents can expect to see smoke off and on during the day, until we get enough of the building burned that we will “let it go” and get the remaining part of the structure burning. At that point, the smoke will be heavy. With the cool weather, we expect the smoke to rise quickly, so it won’t cause any problems to neighbors.

911 will be notified, so any calls will be intercepted.

We have been getting several inquiries regarding the training burn we have scheduled April 1st.

We have a long process that must be cleared prior to making an agreement with the property owners to burn down a building.

This includes things like asbestos, lead paint, chemicals, etc.

We have documents that show the property is free from hazards and are not threats toward the community.

This event is still dependent on weather. We will put up with rain, snow conditions, but if the wind makes the event unsafe it will be delayed until another time. We have been in contact with the National Weather Service in Medford, who are providing a more detailed forecast to help us make those decisions.

These training opportunities are important to train new firefighters, and keep the skill levels up on experienced firefighters so we are ready should an actual fire occur in our community.

**Press Release From Keno Fire**