Klamath County Public Health officials are working on an updated Air Quality Ordinance that will simplify the current woodstove advisories provided for the Klamath Falls-area Air Quality Zone.

Air quality is a topic that gains attention when wildfire smoke hangs in the air. It also becomes top of mind awareness for people living within the air quality zone, as they monitor woodstove advisories from October 15 to March 15.

The advisories came into effect to be able to address the poor air quality experienced in the population center of the community, which historically had concerns with industrial air pollution and smoke generated by home heating.

Below is a map of the air quality zone and non-attainment area.

During the five months of woodstove advisories, there are currently four color-coded advisories:

  • Green: burning for all fireplaces and woodstoves
  • Yellow: burning for certified woodstoves
  • Red: burning for approved exemptions only
  • Red health alert: no burning

The proposed changes make the ordinance simple to understand with only three burning-related options: burning allowed, exempt woodburning devices only, and no burning allowed.

See the proposed draft at Chapter-406-Air-Quality-Ordinance-DRAFT (klamathcounty.org). If approved it will be in effect for the 2024-25 advisory season.

If you would like to share your thoughts about the new ordinance, email kcph@klamathcounty.org.