The Klamath Alerts mobile app is moving to the Patreon platform October 23rd. 

This Tuesday, October 23rd we will be making some changes to our instant news alert service. Here are the details of the upcoming changes.

On October 23rd, our existing smartphone app “Klamath Alerts” will cease to function. This is due partly to increasing costs to maintain a smartphone app, and it is also because our current software provider is beginning to fall behind on new app store technology and protocols. We have decided not to renew our agreement with our current software provider.

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Starting on October 23rd, our instant alert service to mobile devices will become a paid subscription service that is available for $1 a month on the Patreon platform. Business sponsorships are also available.

Subscribers will have front row access to all of our instant alerts as they happen. They will also have access to some exclusive content, along with some contests and prizes planned in the next few months.

Our website, Facebook, and Twitter pages are still available for free. However, some of our alerts and content will be available only to subscribers. Additionally, Facebook notifications are often unreliable. Alerts via a smartphone app remain the most effective method for real time message delivery.

Klamath Alerts will rely on a subscriber base to continue and expand our services. We thank the community for all of your support.

Our new subscription service is available now.