We have changed our instant alert service to our Patreon page. Our original mobile app that launched in February 2018 is in the process of being closed as we have announced on Sunday. No further alerts will be sent to our old mobile app.

Klamath Alerts now offers a subscription service to our instant news notifications via our new Patreon site located here.

To subscribe to our instant alerts you can become a patron and download the Patreon app. All of our instant alerts (and some special premium content) will be sent through the Patreon site moving forward. The alerts are pushed via smartphone, tablet, and also email. You can change your settings in the app to customize your notifications.

For those of you who do not wish to subscribe, we will still continue our free news service on our website, Facebook, and Twitter pages. However, our instant notifications and some exclusive content will be provided to subscribers only.

This is an update to our original announcement made on Sunday.