This press release originated by Jackson County Sheriff’s Office. However it definitely applies to Klamath Falls as well. Most larger shopping companies such as Amazon have text and email delivery notifications you can setup. These alerts notify you right away when your package as arrived. This would allow you to make arrangements to get it inside your house as soon as it’s delivered.

Theft of packages is generally not covered by your credit card. If your package is delivered to your address, the merchant you purchased from has fulfilled their obligation. It is likely that you could be responsible for the replacement cost if your package is stolen after delivery. Online shopping continues to increase every year. Thieves following package trucks and stealing right after delivery is on the rise nationwide.

The “unmarked”delivery people of OnTrac

There is a delivery company called “OnTrac” based out of Medford. They often hire people to deliver packages during the holidays in personal vehicles with no markings in Klamath Falls. There have been many false reports about package thieves against Ontrac drivers. Before you call the police, please make sure you are not seeing an Ontrac delivery person. Amazon (and other larger online retailers) use Ontrac for many deliveries in Klamath Falls during the holidays.

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OnTrac is a popular delivery company for Amazon and other larger online retailers. They delivery hundreds of Amazon orders every day during the holiday season in Klamath Falls. Most of their delivery drivers operate out of personal vehicles and do not have any markings or uniform other than an identification badge they wear around their neck.

By Klamath Alerts

Jackson County Sheriff Press Release: 

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JACKSON COUNTY, Ore. – With Black Friday looming, Jackson County Sheriff’s Office deputies say now is the time to plan ahead to prevent thefts by “porch pirates.”  Deputies urge residents to think ahead about how their packages will be delivered before making online purchases this holiday season.

Throughout the year, law enforcement agencies receive reports of thefts of delivered items, often snagged from a mailbox or front porch.  But with a higher volume of deliveries during the holiday shopping season, the potential for thefts goes up.

While deputies will work to keep an eye on area neighborhoods, there are a few things residents can do to help:

  • Check your package tracking information so you know when to expect deliveries.
  • If you’re not home during the day, have your packages delivered to a neighbor or to your workplace. Some shipping companies also have options to customize your delivery or to pick up your packages at their facility.
  • Install surveillance cameras around your home. The presence of cameras will often deter thieves. If not, the video can help us track them down.
  • Be a vigilant neighbor. If you see a person or vehicle following a delivery truck around, call dispatch so we can check it out. Try to get a good description of the vehicle, a license plate number, and a description of the people involved, if possible.