A Tornado passes close to the current home of former Klamath Falls resident Charissa Nicole in Donelson, Tennessee

Charissa Nicole grew up in Klamath Falls and moved away in 2012. After living in California for a while, she now lives with her husband and 10 month old daughter in Donelson, Tennessee… about 15 minutes from Nashville.

At about 12:30am (CST) lightning and thunder began moving into the area of Donelson and all of Nashville. Charissa was awakened not long after that with tornado sirens and weather warnings on her smartphone. The alerts said there was a tornado warning in the area with instructions to “take cover now”.

After looking outside Charissa said she didn’t see any tornado and didn’t think there was one close by. After several additional warnings and more sirens outside, she looked out again towards Nashville and saw what she thought was lighting.

Above: A video taken from downtown Nashville as the tornado outbreak occurred. Note: The cranes are allowed to move freely in the wind to limit damage. 

Charissa said she could see flashes of light that she later learned were transformers failing as the tornado passed through.

Eventually the family was able to get back to sleep and get some rest still not knowing about the outbreak or how bad it was.

The next morning, Charissa and her husband woke up to messages from friends and family checking on them. They quickly learned that a tornado had passed within 1-2 miles of their house. “Our local Kroger grocery store just down the road was damaged”. Charissa told Klamath Alerts, she knows people who have lost their home or who have to move out because of structural damage.

Charissa said she feels very fortunate that her family survived the outbreak. She said emergency vehicles including police cars, fire trucks, and ambulances were passing by her house most of the morning. Oddly enough, the day after the outbreak was a “gorgeous nice day”

Charissa said “Nashville needs to be kept in all of our prayers… they really need it”.

Klamath Alerts would like to thank Charissa Nicole for sharing her story with us. The top featured image in this story is a file photo and not related to the Nashville outbreak.