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New Facebook Friend Request Hoax Circulating

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The Friend Request Hoax 

A new Facebook hoax is now circulating around. Don’t fall for it. The latest hoax to hit Facebook involves a message saying you may have sent an additional friend request or your account might be hacked. Then it asks you to forward the message to others on your friend list, or post the warning on your wall.

Your Facebook account doesn’t have the ability to send out multiple friend requests to the same people you are already friends with. Although it is possible for someone to copy your photos available to the public and clone your account, your account doesn’t send out automated duplicate friend requests with your real profile.

If you get any message asking you to forward or repost the warning just delete it and maybe send a link to this article to your friend. It’s just someone with too much time on their hands trying to get a chain message forwarded through Facebook.

As always, you can verify there are no clone accounts of your profile by searching your own name on Facebook. If you find a clone account of your profile just report it to Facebook.

Anytime someone asks you to forward a message, it’s a definite red flag and should be deleted.

by Klamath Alerts


Find out how we save money on groceries by scanning our receipts. Get $3 in rewards just for trying it.


3,000 bonus points offered today through Sunday!

We use this app and would like to share it with you. Not only that, but if you download the app and scan your first receipt we will also get 3,000 bonus points in our copy of the app. This helps us out with our costs and expenses and we greatly appreciate it.

Important: Enter Code B6DTH after you install the app

You can download the free Fetch Rewards App Here:

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So here is how it works once you download the app:

Scan Receipt

Scan your grocery receipt from any store. You can use receipts from grocery stores, convenience stores, drugstores, liquor stores and more.

Earn Points

Every time you purchase a product from one of our participating brands, you’ll earn points. Don’t worry about clipping special deals to save, we reward you for your everyday shopping.

Get Rewards

As your points accumulate you can redeem them for FREE gift cards to hundreds of popular retailers! These include Amazon and Best Buy to name a few.

Note: 3,000 points is enough to get a $3 reward. Points add up fast and it’s fun to scan your receipts.


We use this app and have found it very useful for saving money on grocery purchases. We hope that you will too.

Please note the normal bonus is 2,000 points, but there is a 3,000 bonus for new app starts from now until Sunday.

For more information visit the Fetch Rewards Website here 


Fetch Rewards App – Earn valuable rewards from scanning your grocery receipts for things you are already buying!

We have been using this app for several months and we like it so much we wanted to share it with you. Over the next 48 hours you can try this app out and earn 3,000 bonus points. The bonus will return to 2,000 points after the bonus promotion ends in 48 hours. 3,000 bonus points.

The Fetch Rewards app allows you to earn reward points for simply scanning your grocery receipts for things you are already buying.

The Fetch Rewards app can be found here:

Can be found here for iOS

And here for Android

Once you download and install the app enter this code for the bonus:


Then scan a qualifying grocery receipt. Once you do this your app account will be credited the bonus points. Note: The normal bonus is 2,000 points. The 3,000 points bonus is running for the next 48 hours (see posting time of this article).

Continue scanning your grocery receipts and your points balance will grow. The more you scan the more you earn.

The following images show just a sample of the rewards available for scanning your receipts. Rewards are available from several major retailers including Amazon and Best Buy.

Disclosure: This content is sponsored and we receive bonus points if you download and install the app. We use this app regularly and we think you will also find it useful for earning rewards. We thank you for your support. 




2-20-18 Press release from FBI

Downloadable file: TT – Passwords
Downloadable file: TT – Passwords – Audio file

Welcome to the Oregon FBI’s Tech Tuesday segment. This week, building a digital defense with strong passwords.

If you are like most of the rest of us — remembering the 50,000 passwords you are required to use each day can be overwhelming. So overwhelming, in fact, that many people just use the same password — or a variation of one — over and over again. Regardless of how many special characters, numbers and capital letters that you put into it — it is still the same password over and over again.

The people at the National Institute of Standards and Technology — an agency within the U.S. Department of Commerce — say that’s not good enough. According to NIST researchers, more than 80% of hacking-related breaches used stolen or weak passwords.

Using the same few passwords over multiple platforms, apps, websites and the like is dangerous. Even when you are required to change the password every 90 or 120 days, that’s usually not much help because most people just change a single character or add a number at the end of the old password.

So — what does NIST recommend now? According to those government researchers:

Your password needs to be at least 8 characters, but generally the longer the better. They suggest using passphrases, not single words. For instance — think of a crazy picture in your head such as “purple cows swim with bananas”. You now have a 25-character password that is much stronger than a 6-character password with special symbols, numbers and capitals. And, as a bonus, you are more likely to remember it. Easier for you — harder for hackers.

Focus on your most important accounts — such as your email and bank accounts. Give each of these a unique passphrase.

Don’t rely on passwords alone. Two-factor authentication is your friend. This requires something you know — like a password PLUS something you get — like a randomly generated PIN or code sent to your phone or hard token. If you can set one up on any particular account — do so.

Don’t want to deal with any of this? Consider using a reputable password manager. That’s software or an app that generates unique passwords for every one of your accounts.

In the end, remember that there is no perfect system, but there are simple things you can do to make it more difficult for hackers to enter your virtual home.

If you have been victimized by an online scam, be sure to report it to the FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center at or call your local FBI office.

High Altitude Plane Spotting. It’s a Fun and Free Activity.


Klamath Falls has some rather busy airways over us! I’m sure you’ve seen those high altitude jet liners cruising over head in our clear blue skies.

Plane Finder is one of many airplane tracking apps you can use to see in real time what is passing overhead. At a glance you can see airspeed, altitude, aircraft type, and even the flight origination and destination.


There is a moving map display within the app that shows all commercial aircraft in our area. Just click one of the airplanes for in depth information.


You will be surprised at the number of aircraft moving over Klamath Falls at any given time. Our airport also makes a nice emergency landing spot for those planes passing over and has been used in the past by Allegiant and Alaska Airlines more than once.


Plane Finder is my personal favorite and it’s Free!

Watch The ISS Space Station over Klamath Falls

sputnikappDid you know the International Space Station often passes over Klamath Falls? Did you know you can see some of the passes and watch the space station fly overhead at 17,000mph? All without any aid to your normal vision!

The space station looks like a bright, fast moving star as it passes overhead. I use an app called Sputnik! Available for iOS users, Sputnik! offers real time predictions of visible passes of the Space Station as well as Irdium flares which are bright pulses of sunlight reflected by communication satellites. Each pass is assigned a brightness rating and the higher the – number the brighter the pass will be. For example a -3 brightness would be much brighter and easier to see than a -1 and so on.

The app also tells you what direction in the sky to look as the visible pass occurs. Remember.. not all passes are visible. The timing has to be right for the sun to reflect on the space station and for the station to pass close enough to you overhead. This app will tell you about all of the visible passes you can see.


Kids will enjoy this and it’s a lot of fun to watch for adults as well, especially in summer time months when it’s warmer out.


The Sputnik! app is free. 
Download for iOS here
You can also learn about visible passes and sign up for alerts at the Space Station spotter website here.