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The Friend Request Hoax 

A new Facebook hoax is now circulating around. Don’t fall for it. The latest hoax to hit Facebook involves a message saying you may have sent an additional friend request or your account might be hacked. Then it asks you to forward the message to others on your friend list, or post the warning on your wall.

Your Facebook account doesn’t have the ability to send out multiple friend requests to the same people you are already friends with. Although it is possible for someone to copy your photos available to the public and clone your account, your account doesn’t send out automated duplicate friend requests with your real profile.

If you get any message asking you to forward or repost the warning just delete it and maybe send a link to this article to your friend. It’s just someone with too much time on their hands trying to get a chain message forwarded through Facebook.

As always, you can verify there are no clone accounts of your profile by searching your own name on Facebook. If you find a clone account of your profile just report it to Facebook.

Anytime someone asks you to forward a message, it’s a definite red flag and should be deleted.

by Klamath Alerts